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The 2-Minute Pastor App is free and now available for Android & iPhone applications. The 2-Minute Pastor is a way for you to stay connected spiritually 24/7 through the 2-Minute Pastor App on a smartphone, iPad, Android, or this website! This is the only 2-minute video devotional app of it’s kind. Pastor Neil Franks is providing biblical teaching in 2-minute videos in three categories. You can choose from videos on daily video devotionals, essential truths of the Bible and answers to life questions! The videos are also available in devotional blog format to read and devotional podcast form to listen to!   Click here to meet Pastor Neil!

       The Android  App en_app_rgb_wo_60is found on Google Play in your phone settings.



   The IOS App is available for the IPhone  – Click on the phone to download!


 The 2 Minute Pastor App is free! 

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