Update Your 2-Minute Pastor App

We added some new features on the 2-Minute Pastor app this week! If you have downloaded the app before March 22 – You will need to do this change on your app or you can wait for the App store and Google Play to send you an update!

We added 4 more options on the second page of your app phone or tablet. We added: More Devos (Archive of previous devotionals) – More Truths (Archive of previous truths) – More Questions (Archive of previous questions) – Sermons (full length sermons from Neil Franks-most are 30 minutes)

Instructions for update if you do it manually –

To refresh  your 2-Minute Pastor App —

iOS devices:
1. Double-tap the “Home” button.
This will bring up a list of apps running in the device’s background. Find the app you’ve made changes to (this happens only in bottom line not on hole screen)
2. Tap and hold the app with the changes. You’ll see the icons “shake” and see a red circle with a dash character inside.
3. Tap the red circle to close the app.
4. Find your app on the homescreen, and tap it again to open it up
You should see your changes appear.

Android Devices:
1. Visit the “Manage Apps” option.
2. Select the app you wish to restart
3. Select the “Force Stop” option.
4. Confirm the cessation of the app by selecting “OK”